Super Finishing Machine

Creative has been design and manufacturing for High precision Super Finishing Machines. We are Developing a as per customer requirements in different types of Super Finishing Machine (Engine Shaft, Piston Rod, Shaft, Gravure Roller, Gear Shaft ext.) Every machine is custom designed specifically for the application by utilizing proven subsystems. Low volume flexible machines are designed for quick change over and can be partially or fully automated. High Volume Production systems are fully automated and require very little operator intervention.

Super-finishing equipment are used to improve surface finish or geometry to tight tolerances. Super finishing machines produce surfaces with a very fine or low roughness average (RA). A very fine grit stone or several fine bonded stones are rubbed against the surface of the work piece. Super finishing is similar to honing, but finer or lower Ra finish is produced with limited stock removal.

Features and Specification :-

  1. PLC / CNC and Advanced sensor control system.
  2. Oil Type Coolant system
  3. Auto Loading & unloading system
  4. Touch Screen Control - easily adjusts speed
  5. Motorized Tail stock for/ rev arrangement

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